Mold Making


Mold Making Solutions


Meiban is a high quality mold maker that has the capabilities in crafting molds to suit machines from 15 to 850 ton clamping force.

Our tooling team is experienced in the design, construction and fabrication of molds such as :

  • 2K and 3K Molds

  • Micro Molds

  • Medical Molds

  • Connector Molds

  • Automotive Molds

  • Gas injection Molds

  • Unscrewing Molds

  • Cosmetic Molds

  • Optical Molds

  • Thermoset Molds

  • Multi Level Molds

  • Sequential Molds

  • Rapid Cool Molds
  • LSR Molds

  • CMSR Molds

Mold Making

Our Equipment

Our Mold shop floor is equipped with high-tech tooling machineries like:
Agie Charmilles
DMG Mori Seiki
Deckel Maho

Our Commitment

Excellent craftsmanship is a virtue we practise with pride.

We aim to deliver our projects in the:


? ?Shorter Leadtime


? ?Highest Quality


? ?Competitive Prices


Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Our Software


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Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Meiban has acquired the most recent technology enabling higher productivity in our manufacturing floor space. With a high precision digital platform, we can reduce manpower that used to spend hours to plan and program the CNC machines.

This helps to accelerate the time to market for our customers and at the same time, makes Meiban mold manufacturing a smart digital data driven fabrication house.




Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Meiban EDM machining capabilities range from Die-Sink EDM, Wirecut EDM, Micro EDM, Super Drill EDM and Powder EDM that leads to mirror finishing surface.

We bring the latest manufacturing technology to the next level through a unique combination of automated machine programming, providing accurate and reliable performance for standard and customized die and mold components.






Our Software

Our experienced mold designers work with the following 3D design software such as;

- Pro Engineer/Creo
- Unigraphics
- SolidWorks
- Autocad
- Mastercam
- Moldex 3D
- Mold Flow Advisor




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